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Without doubt, this manual will be resourceful in providing sensible, precise and necessary information and methods. Peeling off the layers and boldly addressing aspects of singleness that are often shunned or downplayed by the masses, Michelle has published a “must-have” book for all individuals that are presently single.

The struggle is real, but with this book, it has to become better and bearable.

Khas Dock

Author of "Shades of Gray", Review of Michelle's 2nd book, "I'm Single. Now What? 13 Steps on How to Live Single and Free."

Michelle was very thorough in her editing of my first book. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want to lose my voice or message. I was pleased and made all the suggested edits that she gave me. It was a very smooth and painless process! She was easy to communicate with and understood my vision for my book. I will definitely be using her for future books and recommendations to all my writer friends. Michelle is an editor who ROCKS!

Chantea Williams

Author of "Greater Working Woman Devotional, Volume 1"

I am a huge fan of Michelle’s abilities as an editor. My experience with her was exceptional, and I highly recommend you take advantage other expertise.

Michelle is reliable, professional, flexible, affordable and she operates in excellence. She is the only editor I will use, and I’m confident you’ll be both blessed and impressed by her services.

David A. Burrus

Best Selling Author of "The Blueprint"

Michelle Cameron did a wonderful job on editing my manuscript. She wanted to understand the message of the book as well. Now that made me feel really good to know that my book was not just a book to her. I also loved how she was very professional. Michelle understood my concerns and answered any questions I had. My experience with her was just a blessing. I have other books coming soon and I am going to use her again and again!

Danuelle Roberts

Author of “It’s Not Just a Good Thing; It’s a God Thing”