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Dr. Melissa Rosenberg, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, describes her experience attending Michelle Cameron's online writing bootcamp (2019). Melissa's book was released in Nov 2020 and became an Amazon bestseller! 

Interview with bestselling author Dr Ravin Milton (PharmD) on the Writing Initiative 2020

Interview with Rob Badgett, 2021 Writing Coaching Client

The first cohort of "Write Your Book 4-Week Initiative" shares their reviews during the final session (Sept 2020)

Thank you Michelle for having a free hour zoom meeting and for sharing this info...The meeting alone answered so many questions.

Elizabeth Victoria Perez

Zoom Webinar Attendee

Great service, speedy with adequate feedback. Michelle was very professional and quick in her response to my client's queries. I'm definitely looking forward to working with her in the future!

Joan Wright Good

Founder of Business Startup & Marketing Solutions LLC, & JWG Publishing House

Shanay Pugh

Editing Client

I contacted Michelle to edit my first book. Michelle was prompt, professional and careful to treat my book like she would her own manuscript...

I will be back.

Justin White

Writing Workshop Attendee & Editing Client 

While working with me, [Michelle] made sure that she captured the vision of my book and ensured that it sounded like my voice when the editing was done....I would recommend her to any author in need of editing.

“[I'm Single. Now What?] goes beyond words for the individual that really wants to effectively understand and explore the challenges of single life. With each chapter, you will walk away evaluating critical parts of your heart and life that will assist you at arriving at a place of wholeness and freedom.”

LaBryant Friend

Senior Pastor, All Nations Worship Assembly, Atlanta 

Author of Daddy, Daughters, and Devotions

Review of "I'm Single. Now What? 13 Steps on How to Live Single and Free"

"I've become more confident in sharing my story as there are aspects I have not shared with anyone....I stepped out of my comfort zone. I want to thank you Michelle for pushing me. Michelle is one of the best coaches out there. I learned a lot along the way.”


Susan Wangari

Online Writing Bootcamp Attendee

This manual passionately serves as a step-by-step guide to finding your place in this world. Some books are entertaining and serve as great reads to pass time. But others, like this one, engage you on a treasure hunt and are like vaults where practical, valuable wisdom is stored.

Hart Ramsey

Senior Pastor/Founder, Northview Christian Church, Dothan/Montgomery AL; Communion City Church, Atlanta GA


Excerpt from the Foreword for

"The Power of Purpose: Living Your Destiny"

“Michelle's book, The Power of Purpose: Living Your Destiny, was motivating, practical and spoke truth about life's journey. Without pursuing purpose, one can amble through life unfulfilled, and unable to help others around you that should be blessed by the manifestation of your passion on the path towards your destiny.”

Nicole Cameron


Reviewer for "The Power of Purpose: Living Your Destiny"

“Michelle does an incredible job of giving very practical information in an easily digestible format. In Write That Book, she speaks to everything from how to get started, to how to locate a quality editor, and everything in between...She has alleviated all of the excuses, and has given us exactly what we need to start and thrive as authors.”

David Burrus

Best-selling Author and Editing Client

Reviewer for "Write That Book: Tips For New Authors"

Truly profound and uplifting....I can truly relate to struggles in your marriage...You book has certainly touched me to the core of my being and has allowed me to realise I am not alone...

Anonymous Reader, Jamaica, W.I.

Review for

"It's My Life and I Live Here: One Woman's Story"

“I am grateful for our conversation. I discovered immediately that [Michelle] has a passion and a compassion for helping others achieve their dreams...”

Tamika Baldwin, Phone Consultation Client

Phone Consultation Client

Chatting with Michelle about my future in self publishing was super insightful and helpful! We had some minor setbacks with scheduling, but she was eager to help get those kinks worked out. She even added additional time to our conference for the mishap! After chatting with Michelle, I am pumped and excited to get the ball rolling on my project!

Celene Stanley

Testimonial for Write That Book Academy

Phone Consultation Client

It was absolutely a pleasure to have spoken to you. My initial meeting has left me in no doubt that the knowledge and expertise you share are definitely  the kind that customers like myself are looking for.





Carol Campbell

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